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Safety on the Go


Recent events around the world have made it imperative that we thoughtfully consider what we regularly carry with us each time we go outside, be it for shopping, taking our kids to any activity or simply commuting for work.

The Covid pandemic started in early 2020 and is still unfortunately with us in 2021. However, beyond Covid, people’s hygienic standards and awareness has greatly increased and improved.

Hand Gels, Face Masks, Glasses, Wipes, Keys to operate doors and elevators.. are all now strange rituals that we undertake daily to stay safe.

Needless to say, this is a hassle. So while the world waits for vaccines to be readily available to reduce and ultimately stop the infection rates, we at SafeQit thought of how we can make our daily routines safe not only for us, but also for our family, our coworkers and fellow citizens.

It is with this spirit and approach that we thought of putting together a convenient smart bag that would provide all the needed safety on the go without the issues associated with carrying, remembering and placing all the PPEs such as masks, gel and gloves.

We immediately knew that we can’t tackle this issue without keeping in mind the fashionable aspect of our utilitarian solution, so we designed multiple bag models for various personas with a growing selection of colors to choose from to fit the needs of a wide range of clients.

In addition, while developing SafeQit we put the process itself to multiple revisions and testing and opted to use high quality fabrics and materials that would both meet the needs of clients as well as remaining visually modern, unique and presentable.

In all honesty, SafeQit for us is first and foremost a passion product. It is by us, for us and for the community at large.

We hope we can make a difference to our daily living standards by improving the commuting experience when possible while helping us stay safely in touch with each other.

SafeQit goes hand in hand with respecting all sanitary and hygienic regulations of social distancing and protection while having all the practical and fashionable benefits of carry bags also.